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Al-Bakriah Institute Of Islamic Study

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Establishment History


The Madrasah Ad-Diniah Al-Bakriah, also known as Pondok1 Terusan Limbat, Pasir Tumbuh was established in year 1954 by two brothers, Tuan Guru2 Haji Mustafa bin Abu Bakar and his younger brother, Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Aziz. During the early stage, the institute had only fifty male students. The lessons were conducted in a 40×30 feet wood classroom. It continued to prosper with larger intake and better facilities built in site:

1959 – A mosque was built at a cost of RM45 thousand to provide for praying and teaching purposes. The number of students increased to 700 consisting of local and international students from Thailand and Singapore. The mosque was further expanded in 1992 with an extra 4-floor building was incorporated to the original mosque and officially opened by the Sultan of Kelantan.

1969 – A new 2-floor, 40×60 feet building was built at a cost of RM35 thousands. It was named as Madrasah Tuan Guru Haji Mustafa, in memory of first Tuan Guru.

1984 – A two storey building was constructed next to the mosque. The lower floor functions as an administration office while the upper floor holds a library and an exhibition hall. Initially, it was also used for lessons and a place to train students for public speaking and oratory skills.

1988 – Another two-level building of 40×60 feet in size was built for learning and public speaking training purposes. It was named as Madrasah Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Aziz. The lower level was made into a computer room, starting operations in year 2000. At the upper level, a sewing room was set up.

2001 – To overcome the shortage of accommodation, the construction of Teachers and Students Endowment House, a 5-storey hostel for teachers and students took place and it has been utilized since early 2004.

1 Malay for madrasah, or a traditional Islamic teaching  institution

2 a title usually given to great Islamic scholars in Malaysia




It is only 11 km away from the Islamic City of Kota Bharu and 1 km away from the busy Kota Bharu-Pasir Putih main road. The institute is also near to Desa Darulnaim housing community, Mara Junior Science College of Pasir Tumbuh and Taqaddum Al-Ma’arif Religious Secondary School


Current Developments


With recent development, comes noticeable increase in resident student numbers. There are now about 1500 people living here round the clock: students, senior-citizens and families. Initially, the institute was exclusive for male students, but because of the high demand, finally it started to accept female students as well. The number of teachers at the moment is 35 not including kepala mutalaah (tutors).

                Since its inception, pondok has run independently of government funding and mainstream education system. To maintain its upkeep, it depends on the public primarily in form of voluntary service, donations, endowments and other form of charity, as well as regular sources like student fees. Expenditure is also kept as low as possible by strategic planning by the administration and selfless service of teachers, who offer their lessons voluntarily and without payments.

                In April 1995, and organization called Pusat Pembangunan Pondok Berhad (PBBB) was set up to gather support from public, oversee the development of madrasah institutions in Kelantan and take care the welfare of teachers. Participation from madrasah institutions is very good; almost all madrasah join in including the top tree Pondok Pasir Tumbuh, Pondok Lubuk Tapah and Pondok Sungai Durian.




1. To develop pondok institution as an Islamic knowledge learning centre in true intention, spirit and practices.

2. To seek the pleasure of Allah and to ingrain exemplary conducts in the society.

3. To produce a knowledgeable, practicing, courageous and God-fearing society.               

4. To generate students with deep understanding of Islamic knowledge and who practice Islam as a way of life.


Teaching System


Pondok education system instills the Islamic spirit and inner strength into the heart of each student to form a true and ideal believer. It is an Islamic scholarship tradition system where students are guided by teachers, who serve tirelessly working for the sake of Allah. Their role is vital for the preservation of knowledge, religious practices and the formation of future lines of teachers, in order to diminish social problems and ignorance in the society.

                The education system offers vast variety of disciplines in Islamic knowledge. The teaching materials used are traditional textbooks within the confine of the Syafie Mazhab (an established school of Jurisprudence) and other mazhabs which hold up to the tradition of the ahli sunnah wal jamaah (the accepted Islamic principle as it was practiced by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his companions).

                Pondok obliges its students to obey its set rules and practices in order to achieve the aspiration to be a person with a dignity in appearances, conversations, conducts and subsequently the obedience level with Almighty God, to be a true and ideal believer.

The lessons methods are divided into two:

Firstly: Umumi (Public) lessons; students are given freedom to choose subjects they want to learn

Secondly: Nizomi (Systemized) lessons; students are divided into classes according to their abilities


Subjects Taught


Aqidah (Islamic Creeds), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Tasawwuf (Purification of the Soul), Nahwu (Arabic Grammar), Sorof (Arabic Word Morphologies), Balaghah (Arabic Eloquence), Tafsir (Quranic Exegesis), Hadith (the Canon of the Prophet), Mantiq (Science of Logic) Seerah (Islamic History) and other Islamic sciences


Enrolments and Registrations


For administration purposes, a minimum fee is requested as follows:

1. Registration fee: RM10

2. Monthly fee: RM5 (RM50 a year)

3. Accommodation fee and utility bill:   

     depending on area of stay

4. Emergency fee: RM10

                To register, students need to obtain permission from the administration staff, fill in a registration form and pay the fees. Students are given a period of 40 days to adapt the lifestyle and curriculum of pondok before being allowed to carry on studying here.

                The minimum age for enrolment is 13 years old but the recommended age is 15 years and above. Senior citizens and pensioners are also allowed to live and study at pondok. Students could stay at waqf (public endowment) cottages, rental cottages or hostels. A minimum fee is charged for rental and utility bills, depending on the area of stay. Food and books expenses are to be paid for by the students.


Head Principal’s Biography


Personal Details:

Name: Tuan Guru Haji Hashim bin Haji Abu Bakar

Place of Birth: Seberang Pantai Johor,

 Alor Setar, Kedah

Year of Birth: 1923


1. Darul Ulum Ad-Diniah, Makkah (1936-1939).

2. Madrasah Irsyadiah Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Rahman Haji Abdullah, in Merbuk, Sungai Petani, Kedah (1942).

3. Pondok Al-Marhum Tuan Guru Haji Ghazali  in Batu Jitra, Kedah (1944-1945).

5. Pondok Bunut Payung, under tutelage of Tuan Guru Haji Abdullah Tahir (1946-1953).

Note: In the same year, he married with the younger sister of Tuan Guru Haji Mustafa and Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Aziz Bin Abu Bakar, the founders of Pondok Pasir Tumbuh.


Taught at Pondok Pasir Tumbuh with his 2 brothers in law and replaced them as the Head Principal of the pondok after their passing away till present. He also holds the position as the Chairperson of Pusat Pembangunan Pondok Berhad.


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